About S&R Tool

In 1990, Fred Doerscheln and his wife Verna started Doerco Industries, Inc. Doerco, roughly a 2200 square foot facility, consisted of all manual machines. When Sam started at Doerco, in 1991, there was, a couple knee mills, a lathe, a tig, and some other odds and ends. By the time Rich came on part time in 1993 and then full time in 1994, some more machines were added. All the machines we had to work with were still all manual. Setting up a turntable, using sine plates and bars, tilting the head of a machine were common occurrences. 

This all started to change when Fred took the plunge into the CNC world. The 2 ½ axis bed mill was a welcome addition. This helped to expand our capabilities, better serving the needs of the Rochester area companies we do work for. Being a small job-shop machining details for machine tools, any seemingly small step forward can prove to be a great advancement.

S & R Tool was born when Fred decided to retire at the end of 1999. Sam and Rich were offered and accepted the opportunity to buy the business from their mentor Fred Doerscheln. Although the name changed, the core values never have. At the heart is always quality, honesty and integrity.

Sam and Rich soon bought their first full 3 axis shortly after taking over. The second was only a couple months later. We outgrew the old facility rather quickly, adding machines as we went. We added on what we could to the building, however we were very cramped. We started planning a new facility. We purchased 10 acres of land and built a new 10,428 sq. ft. building. 2008 proved to be a very trying year. It all started to smooth out when moving day finally arrived in November of 2008.

Business is always changing. We are continuing to add new equipment in order to keep up with these changes. We are always striving to stay on the forefront of machining technology. At S & R Tool Inc. our commitment to quality and to our customers is unsurpassed. We have built our business based on quality, honesty and integrity.